Lunch Hour Calls

Chinese Food

Today’s lunch hour did not consist of food that I decided to whip up at home. Instead, I gave in to a guilty pleasure of mine. At least I wasn’t alone though. (Hey, hey to my coworkers!)

We ordered Chinese food from Taste of China on the west side of Evansville. When I say it was delicious…it was delicious. So much that I had to dig up a photo from an old Instagram moment in order to have something to post. (…but that’s neither here nor there…)

My favorite thing from Taste of China is Chicken Fried Rice, 2 Egg Rolls, and Sweet and Sour Sauce. Simply put, its lunch and dinner in one. They give you so much rice it’s ridiculous. I’m not complaining though. Hopefully, I can make one more trip before loading the U-Haul and moving to my next city. I don’t know what I’m going to do without that place. I mean, I’ll survive, but it won’t be as fabulous of a lunch hour without it. Maybe I can find a few rice and egg roll recipes to practice on. Looking at the bright side, that’s $5.00 I’m saving. Be blessed!

K. Jones ♥


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