“Ensure Time”

20130616-154104.jpgHappy Fathers’ Day to all!

I remember a psychology professor saying that even babies have memories that last into adulthood, when those events spurring the memories are significant enough. Rather than sharing a recipe, I want share a memory of my father.

My father, Nathaniel, was diagnosed with lung cancer around a month or so prior to my 2nd birthday. Given roughly six months to live, he lived 14 months, passing only weeks after my 3rd birthday. I am blessed to remember him, being that he was only in my life for a short while.

One of my favorite memories is when I was just 2 years old. Doctors encouraged dad to drink Ensure shakes to help with maintaining his weight. Being the curious child that I was, I just had to know what they tasted like. Fortunately, he liked chocolate because those shakes were divine in my little world. Each time that Dad had a shake, I had to have one too. It was like our coffee or tea time together. However, it was better. It was our Ensure time.

Looking back on those moments, I realize that I can’t recall the conversation. I simply remember him saying, “I don’t know what they are going to do with you,” followed by a smile. I’d like to think that Dad saw something in me at the young age of two, that reassured him that I would be okay in his absence. To this day, I always wonder what he thinks about my journey thus far.

This post is dedicated to my father, Nathaniel Jones. Even though we can’t ensure how much time we have with our loved ones, we can ensure that the time we have is well spent. God bless y’all.

Kay Jonesy, Sweet Tea Connoisseur ❤


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