Because Every Move Should Have A Little Sparkle


So, this is a story all about how my life got flipped, turned upside down. *and scene*

I am moving. Shuffling through boxes, and life, I prepare for a new city! Moving is stressful. As soon as you think you’re good, you remember that you haven’t packed your shoes yet. Out of the bedroom closet comes not one, not two, but 43 pairs of shoes. (This is a no judgement blog, by the way.)

I am so blessed to have a supportive family who will go out of their way to help with this whole process. Maybe I was in denial, but I didn’t think that it would be that much work. Man, I was so wrong.

Words to the wise…
1. Get rid of clutter before you pack. I started back in April and still had a lot of things that could have gone in the ‘giveaway bin’.

2. Take care of your health throughout the process. Over stressing will wear you out to the point of getting sick. Lucky me…

3. No move is ever going to be perfect. Even as I prepare to see my new apartment for the first time, I’m reminding myself that I should look at the potential in it, just in case I hate it. For once, I’m trusting the online shopping process. Yikes!

4. You will never understand the emotional roller coaster of leaving a life that you know until you fasten your seatbelt to leave that chapter…(future post coming soon).

For now, y’all have a blessed Sunday. I’ll update you, as life updates me. Plus, new recipes are coming soon!

K. Jones ❤


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