Recipe: Quick and Easy Corn on the Cob

I’m so happy that Pinterest exists! Today’s post is possibly the easiest recipe EVER for Corn on the Cob. I saw a pin for it on Pinterest and wasn’t sure that it would work. I can serve as a witness that it does!

The following steps are ways to make quick and easy corn on the cob.

1. Take the ear of corn and place it in a microwave.20130706-233010.jpg
2. Cook for 8 minutes. (I often opened the microwave to “check” on it. I’m not a fan of weird microwave noises.)
3. Carefully remove the ear of corn from the microwave, placing it on a cutting board. It will be hot.
4. Cut off the bottom of the ear of corn.20130706-233024.jpg
5. Over a dish, hold the corn by the silks and slowly shake it, letting the corn fall naturally onto the plate. (Notice that the silks will remain in the husks.)


6. Add butter if desired and serve.

As I mentioned, I love Pinterest and the fact that I discovered this pin. I wish you much success as you try this cool kitchen trick. God bless!

Kay Jonesy, Sweet Tea Connoisseur ❤


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