Grab a Tissue (Unintended Tearjerker)

Tissue BoxToday is August 5, 2013. Besides the fact that it is a Manic Monday (small fender bender, late to work as a result, awkward conversation with the culprit driving the car, unnecessary police reports, frizzy hair, etc.), I must take a few moments to acknowledge my brother’s birthday.

Nathan is my older brother. At the tender age of 25, he was killed in a tragic car accident. I still remember the morning, some twenty years ago. Somehow I had managed to stay home from school. I don’t recall if I was sick or simply longing to stay with mom to enjoy the morning talk shows. What I do remember is my aunt coming to our house to break the news to mom, because she heard it on the police scanner. My aunt couldn’t even get the words out before mom guessed what she was trying to say.

As I walked from the back of the house (probably playing, which meant that I definitely wasn’t sick), I was in disbelief. At the age of 10, I learned what it was like to lose a sibling.

So before I began weeping uncontrollably, I am going to focus on the happier times.

My brother was a goof ball who would break out dancing and singing at any moment. However, he could be so serious at times. A war veteran and a senior at Mississippi State University, he majored in engineering and is still the smartest guy I know.

This slightly gross (yes, gross) memory involves our last night hanging out. He ventured to the local country store and bought all kinds of junk food for our stay-at-home movie night. Vividly, I recall his sweet tooth for Chewy Chocolate Chips Ahoy and Heath Bars. He LOVED those things!!! Once the goodies were lined up, we began watching Problem Child 2. The laughter at the horrid puke scene tickles me to this day.

I remember pretending that I wasn’t grossed out, as my oldest sister’s stomach grew weaker as each second of the movie passed by. Nathan and Savannah (my niece) were bent over laughing at how my sister and I reacted. Yea, those were the days.

Rather than struggling through the next 3-4 paragraphs that I could write, I’ll close with this quote.

“My feet will want to walk to where you are sleeping but I shall go on living.” ~ Pablo Neruda

Cherish those you love, because they won’t be here always.

God bless y’all,

K. Jones♥


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