Skills…One Weekend and Three Banana Puddings


When you’re good at what you do, you can’t escape it. With that being said, I have to share my weekend experiences.

I was hopeful that my family would be able to visit my new city, but unfortunately those plans were postponed. So, to avoid a lonely holiday, I drove to them. In all seriousness, I was requested to cook as soon as I walked in my mother’s house. Our 86 year old neighbor had a church event and wanted me to make a large banana pudding. Who tells an 86 year old woman no? Not I. So, after a four hour drive, I enter the kitchen to whip up this semi-famous dessert.

Around thirty minutes later, my mother says, “you might as well make one for us, since I have the ingredients.” Back to the kitchen I go, to whip up another banana pudding. Somehow, that one didn’t make it through the night. I guess they missed my simple, yet tasty dessert. (This all took place on Saturday.)

By now, I could rest and relax and enjoy family time…but the plot thickens. As my sister prepares to go shopping, my brother asks, “do we have the stuff to make some more of that dessert?” You have to be kidding me, right? Nope, not at all. So I rummage through my wallet and give her $5.00 for more ingredients. (Sunday events)

The holiday arrives! Happy Labor Day! Where am I? In the kitchen, working quickly over a large dish of 200-plus cookies, 8 bananas, and pudding. That’s right, one weekend and three banana puddings. I’m okay if I don’t have to make that dish for a while.

I am excited to move on to crock-pot meals for fall. 🙂

Kay Jonesy, Sweet Tea Connoisseur ♥


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