Inspiration from the 5!

5 PeopleI have longed to write a post since September. However, distractions got the best of me. And honestly, I stumbled upon this image while being distracted by Facebook. The great thing is that it was the inspiration that I needed!

The only thing is that I don’t really spend time with people (outside of work) due to my recent transition to a new city. So here goes improvisation… My top 5 consists of my most recent phone calls.

Inspiration from the 5!

1. My mommy! ♥

(because of her generosity, stubbornness, and gentleness)

She will forever have the endearing title because I will always be her baby! (Seriously, I am the baby of the family.) My mother is such an inspiration to me! I don’t care what type of day I am having, she will always recognize the true feelings in my voice within the first 3 seconds of a phone call!  We talk at least once a day if not more. And if I’m working on something and don’t get to call, you had best believe that she will be calling at sunrise to make sure that I’m okay! I love that woman beyond words! She is my everything!

2. My Vannah-Wannah!

(because of her ability to discover an inappropriate joke in any situation)

Savannah is my niece. We’re only 4.5 years apart, so we have grown into this sisterly relationship. She is my go to gal for how I almost snapped on someone who was intentionally rude while questioning my gangster. Ha! We LOVE to follow up a rachet verse with “thank You, Jesus”. We’re versatile!

3. My brother!

(because of his ability to gain respect and his caring nature under an unassuming exterior)

My dear brother challenges me beyond words. We love each other, but he is the older, wiser brother always. *insert sarcasm here* We debate on my ability to do a man’s job (yard work, etc.) and in those moments, he has the pleasure of witnessing my feminist balloon inflate as I take the stage on my soapbox, to clarify why I can do these things and do them well. I don’t think he realized what he was getting when I joined the family. *smiles*

4. My bestie twin!

(because of her ability to be the one-woman hype team that I need, even when I am trying to send praises her way; she forever has my back and even if we don’t speak each week, we’re always on the same page)

Michelle is the Tia to my Tamera. We chat about everything under the sun! Some conversations happen and I have to mentally note to shut up so that she can talk. We’re super chatty about nothing at all. We’re traditional southern women with class and sass. Don’t push us either, because we have the right recipe to put you in your place, followed by a graceful smile. Our upbringing by strong women and close family ties strengthen our bond.

5. My phone draws a blank…so I’ll revert back to the 8am-4:30pm crew.

(because I am forced to think beyond the box that I didn’t know I had)

My new colleagues are fun! I have yet to really get to know them, because we are all tied up in our various projects, but I can tell that they resemble my former staff. The jokes are coming. I can see it. Hopefully, we continue on this great path of working together. They’re a talented group that challenge me professionally.

Well, those are my top 5! Who do you spend the most time with? Are they adding to your life or are they draining the life out of you? Evaluate your circles, because eventually you’ll begin to go with the flow…whether you realize it or not.

K. Jones♥


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