My Imaginary, Independently Wealthy, Stay-at-Home Boyfriend

I Heart Beards

November 1, 2013 – I am grateful for…

1. No Shave November (when observed by men)

The title of this post comes from a Pinterest board that I stumbled upon. That pinner spoke to my heart because she nailed the description of my imaginary, independently wealthy, stay-at-home boyfriend. So shout out to Annie Kubena and her awesome pins! This random stranger appreciates you!

1. Beards: Now to the point…I love beards. I don’t know if I would truly touch a beard on a first date but that little voice in my head would definitely try to convince me. I am grateful that No Shave November exists. So to all of the men out there, carry on, Sir. Carry on.

K. Jones ♥


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