Mason and Maggie (as in Magnolia)

Magnolia in a Mason Jar

(Photo credits)

November 2, 2013 – I am grateful for…

1. Mason Jars

2. Magnolia Trees

Mason and Maggie (as in Magnolia) are two of many things that are Southern to me. One day, I may incorporate these names into the ones that I use for my children. If nothing more, I aim to have two cuddly puppies (hopefully English Bulldogs) that bear the names. Wouldn’t that be adorable?!?

1. Mason Jars: I am grateful for Mason Jars because they are simply fantastic. Whether they hold hot sweet tea or whiskey, you know that the person holding them means business! Personally, I love using Mason Jars for crafting, desserts, salads, etc. Watching my mother use them while canning jellies and jams, I grew to absolutely love them!

2. Magnolia Trees: Memories of late summer in Mississippi are always accompanied by visions of large Magnolia trees. My family would visit my great-aunt Helen in the next county, and we would play in her front yard near the gigantically graceful Magnolia tree. In those days, we had no worries. We simply lived and enjoyed being children. I like to refer to those days and pre-cell phone and social media days. Funny how the times change.

Kay Jonesy, Sweet Tea Connoisseur ♥


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