Morning Observations


It’s not even 7am and I’ve already decided that today is the perfect fall day.

I am so thankful for the time change and being able to enjoy extra minutes of sleep, peace, a vanilla latte in bed… even though I just spilled the latte on my sheets (today is now laundry day). It’s going to be a great day.

The sun is creeping through my window, making it’s presence known. If you were here, you would notice that I have a slight display of my favorite things. My dresser proudly showcases 4 bottles of Nivea lotion, Dove products, Blistex, and a picture frame.

To sum up them up, I’ll simply say that SkinCare and hygiene are important to me, as are soft lips. As for the frame, I simply love my mama.

Today is a great day for me to write, rest, and truly relax. I love fall.

Kay Jonesy, Sweet Tea Connoisseur ♥


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