Really? Meme Appreciation

November 6, 2013 – I am grateful for memes and my interpretation of them. And my top six countdown is:

6. “Will Twerk for an Accent” (made by yours truly during a goofy text battle among friends)

Take a moment and be honest with yourself. If Matthew McConaughey used his sweet little Southern accent to ask you to twerk something, you wouldn’t only say yes, you’d ask if he wanted you to keep your shoes on! Think Magic Mike’s Matthew McConaughey and then discuss.



5. “Turn Up”

I highly encourage y’all to pull up the song on YouTube or something! This meme addresses the lack of visuals while enjoying the intricate lyrics (well, maybe not intricate) of Ace Hood.



4. “I May Be Young but I’m Ready…”

Stewie was perfect for this one! Now to make it even better, imagine Beyonce’s voice in the background! I’m going to have the DJ play this intro for the garter removal at my wedding reception. HA!



3. “Show up Jesus, show up Jesus.”

Simply put, sometimes we just need Him to show up! This meme has been used the most when I’m retelling a heated conversation from earlier in my day. Thank goodness it’s been a while.



2. “No, you’re right.” (followed by an eye roll)

The bond that brings coworkers together… MANY times I have been the woman in the chair as someone who “knew more” hovered over me to explain why my working smarter method did not accommodate their working harder method. Let’s just say that I referenced meme number 3 a LOT after these moments.



1. “Really?”

This gem is my favorite on today! I love to send it via text when a friend begins with “I know who you should  date…”.

Really? Meme

What are your favorites?

K. Jones ♥


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