Time is...

November 7, 2013 – I am grateful for time.

In the quiet of an empty campus I am grateful that I have time to post today. Fall break is here and the students have scattered to their various destinations. In the stillness, I realize that I have time to catch up and even get ahead of approaching deadlines. Some personal, and others are work related. So, as I take a moment of my time, I present to you the “Seven Reasons Why I Appreciate Time”.

7. Meetings

I have a love/hate relationship with meetings. Moments exist where they are fantastic, and then there are moments where I realize that I’ve sat in a room exhausting a discussion on the color and cut of a t-shirt that we plan to order. Nothing proves how limited we are on time like running out of it and being forced to walk lively from one location to the next, just in time to sit at another table to begin a new discussion. Except, this time, we’re discussing polo shirts and whether they will show sweat in the middle of summer…as soon as the key person gets there, because people are always on time for meetings. *sarcasm*

6. Sleep

Sleep and I have had several affairs in my young lifetime. I need it, but it doesn’t necessarily need me. I chase after it. It sometimes allows me to spend the night, but it never quite gives me enough…rest. It isn’t until a blissful Saturday morning that I awake past 6am to realize that sleep has been kind to me. It has given me a little something extra. It has given me time.

5. Children (although I’m not a mom yet)

Children, depending on their ages, can make me feel like a minute is an hour. They entertain me with questions on life, philosophical rhetoric, and games of hide and seek even though I didn’t agree to play. However, there are those moments when I keep them attentive by professing that today is “Mani-Day”! Yes, rounding up the kiddies with a shiny bottle of nail polish works. And as they line up their little fingers and toes for me to perfectly decorate each one, I realize that this time is priceless and I am actually having fun.

4. Exercise

It is what it is. It requires me to stay focused while devoting a small portion of my daily allotment of time to it. However, I often feel like its torture. I don’t fancy sweating, unless I look fabulous doing it. I have yet to discover an exercise that offers both. Until then, I’ll simply continue on my search. I’m sure the more time I grant exercise, the less time that I will have to continue doing it in the future. I hope my theory rings true a year from now.

3. Music

I mentioned in The Grammy Goes To that I love singing in the car. Nothing shortens a drive like a car concert. I sing the lead, the backup vocals, the harmony, and whatever guitar riff exists. I love it. This time gives me the chance to uninhibitedly exist. On long drives, I arrive at the destination in what seems like minutes.

2. Life Expectancy

Time waits for no one. We often put things off, misleading ourselves that we will able to pick up where we left off on tomorrow. In my office, I have the Spanish Proverb “Tomorrow is often the busiest day of the week” displayed on a dry erase board. It is purposefully posted in a place where I will see it while working. It’s easy to get distracted and lose focus when trying to meet a deadline, goal, or simply remembering to call that one friend or family member that we haven’t talked to in a while. A quick glance into the daily news puts things into perspective. There are so many things happening that serve as wake up calls for each of us. In the words of my mother, “people are leaving here.” We must take the time to genuinely connect to others. We may not be here on tomorrow.

1. Family

My family is everything to me! We get on each other’s’ nerves but we always have a good time when we’re together. I am truly grateful for them. They are my biggest supporters, my toughest critics, and their hearts overflow with love. I wish that I could see them on a daily basis. I pray that God blesses us with more time than we can stand!

God bless,

Kay Jonesy, Sweet Tea Connoisseur ♥


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