8 Items/Brands I Will ALWAYS Buy

November 8, 2013

I’m all about saving money, especially when there is a cheaper alternative that yields that same (or better) results. However, there are 8 name brand items that I will never sacrifice. I am grateful for each of the items below.

8. Louisiana Hot Sauce – Asking for the likes of Tabasco in my household is utter disrespect. Hot Sauce

(image credit to Creative Mood Designs)

7. Blistex Lip Balm – Soft lips. I love ’em! That’s all that there is to say about that.


6. Nilla Wafers – Pure Deliciousness! These wafers make any dessert better. Try making s’mores with these instead of graham crackers. You’ll be amazed!

Nilla Wafers

5. Blackburn-Made Syrup – It ain’t breakfast without the Blackburn-Made Syrup. I’ve tried to substitute it when I lived in the Midwest, but there is no comparison. I seriously had a moment when I found it in the stores of my new city.

blackburn syrup

4. DiGiorno Pizzeria Style Pizza – Hands down, best frozen pizza ever! I actually had it for lunch today (and dinner last night). It you haven’t tried it, add it to you shopping list today!


3. Dove Deodorant Products – Hygiene is key! I have extremely sensitive skin and Dove products are one of the few brands that do their job without a unwanted side effect. Love this stuff!


2. Nivea Lotion and Skin Care Products – Nivea, Nivea…what would I do without you? Skin should be soft with a glow. This lotion does it, therefore it is worth every penny of the $5-$7 that I pay per bottle! If you’re reading this and you don’t think that you need lotion, I challenge you to try this for a week. Your skin will thank you!


1. Lipton Tea – What would the countdown be without Lipton Tea? This is really the reason behind the blog title. I love Lipton Tea! As I brainstormed on blog topics, I kept sipping my tea. Out of nowhere, I jokingly wrote Sweet Tea Connoisseur on my notepad and it stuck with me. What can I say? Warm sweet tea (in a Mason Jar) inspires creativity.


What everyday brands are you committed to?

Kay Jonesy, Sweet Tea Connoisseur ♥


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