November 11, 2013 – I am grateful for my bestie, Michelle!

In honor of her birthday, I am sharing 11 Random Facts about Me and my Bestie:

1. Her favorite show is Golden Girls. She would leave all forms of communication to watch it every night, even if she has seen that episode already.

2. We only met because people kept asking us if we were related. Eventually we ran into each other at marching band practice…or was it choir?

3. She thinks I’m weird, but what bestie doesn’t.

4. She always has my back and gives me awesome relationship advice that I save for a rainy day.

5. We once had a celebratory sleep over at her apartment because she thought that she was moving out the next day, but somehow she had the wrong date.

6. She has claimed the Matron of Honor role for my wedding even though I am very VERY single.

7. She influenced my appetite for ketchup. Before meeting her, I didn’t care for it. Then I realized that she drowned her french fries in it and I gave it a try.

8. People tell us that we look alike. I don’t really agree with that, but I would say that we’re probably related somewhere down the line.

9. We once drove an old school Impala around in undergrad trying to look cool. However, we looked like idiots at the gas station because we couldn’t find where to put the gas pump nozzle.

10. We’re pledged the same sorority at the same time. Skee~Wee!

11. She often used to say that I reminded her of Rose from the Golden Girls.

Kay Jonesy, Sweet Tea Connoisseur ♥


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