November 13, 2013 – I am grateful for…

…the ability to have petty complaints.

If you have never heard of the hash tag #firstworldpains, I’d guess that you don’t have a twitter account or that you rarely use it. For clarification, #firstworldpains is another way to list “pains” (petty complaints) of living in a wealthy, industrialized nation. (Twitter examples listed below.)




My point is, I realize that I am blessed…even in the midst of my #FirstWorldPains. And with that being said, I sarcastically share 13 of my #FirstWorldPains.



1. I don’t have a photographer to follow me around documenting the potentially awesome moments that are waiting to happen in my life.

J and B



2. The McDonald’s that is located in my building only serves sweet tea, so I am unable to request a large half and half tea with light ice.



3. I listen to the same playlist for hours only to realize that my work day is done and I don’t have time to listen to the other 14,000 playlists that I have on Spotify.



4. My office is much larger than my last one so I can’t figure out a convenient furniture layout.



5. My cheekbones make it difficult for me to smile while maintaining a slender face.



6. The speaker on my iPhone 4 does not work, forcing me to hold my phone while talking to my friends.



7. I only have an iPhone 4.



8. My bills are paid and I have no wants, but I don’t have enough extra money for frivolous spending.



9. My apartment search is difficult because I struggle to find a home within a gated community.



10. I couldn’t wear my new shoes today because it was raining. I was forced to wear a pair that I’ve already worn at least 4 times.



11. I want to eat a bowl of cereal but my favorite spoon is sitting in the sink waiting for me to wash it.



12. My naturally curly hair never looks the same two days in a row.



13. My family prefers putting the toilet paper in so that it rolls from under instead of over. (It’s simple to remember. Think “OVER” achiever.)

Correct toilet paper


Keep in mind that the majority of things I say or write are coated in sarcasm, but sometimes people think I’m rude or far too serious. *half smile because my cheekbones are too much at times*

With much sarcasm,

Kay Jonesy, Sweet Tea Connoisseur ♥


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