Grateful for…

To keep up with my Themes and Things category, I present today’s items for which I am grateful.

November 15, 2013 – I am grateful for…



1. Friday afternoons – Especially the ones that lead to an uneventful weekend… I know, it seems a bit weird, but there is comfort in knowing that my world turns in to a pajama party as soon as I step into my apartment! Gone are the thoughts of the work day and gone are the worries of looking presentable. It’s just me and usually a book or notebook, with wild hair.

2. Colleagues that see my potential. Usually I hate the word potential because it has an air of “you’re not doing anything now”. However, I look at “professional potential” as something that (when the right pieces are in place) will carry me through to even greater successes no matter the project.

3.  Stationery – Since childhood, I have loved stationery! I am such a girly girl when it comes to color coordinated designs, thank you cards, etc. I love how personalized they can be. I blame this on my obsession with Lisa Frank products back in the day. Her bright colors and cute animals left me wanting to buy postage stamps just so I could mail them to a loved one.

4. Coffee Shops – Not the rushed anxious coffee shop, but the calm mom and pop shop type locations. Starbucks is great for the hustle and bustle, but I prefer the hole-in-the-wall spots where you can hear someone during a conversation. I’m not knocking Starbucks. In fact, they lead to number five of today’s grateful list.

5. White Chocolate Peppermint Mocha (Starbucks) – There’s really not a lot to say about this. You simply have to drink and enjoy. It is simply amazing!

6. The Facebook Birthday – When else would you know that you were friends with that person? All I’m saying is that it is easier to “unfriend” someone from your 1,000-plus friend’s list when a small notification alerts you to their profile. I promise I am not as mean as this sounds. I do wish them a happy birthday first.

7. Thank you cards – I’ll digress to my “About Me” page for this one. “People don’t have to be nice. And when they are, they don’t have to be nice to you.” So, often times, we interact with so many people on so many projects, that we forget to say thank you. When that happens, simply follow up with a hand-written note. They will appreciate it!

8. Patience – I am grateful for my ability to be patient. Although most view conflict as a natural occurrence, I seek to display patience at all times. It is easier said than done though. On the outside, I may be cool and calm, but I am internally going 90 miles an hour to keep up or stay ahead, depending on the issue or conversation.

9. Holiday Music – Yes, I am aware that Thanksgiving has yet to happen, but who doesn’t like listening to Donny Hathaway’s ‘This Christmas’ or The Temptations’s ‘Silent Night’? Music like this fuels my holiday spirit.

10. Creative Expression – Whether that is blogging, drawing, painting, or writing, I am thankful for the opportunity to express myself creatively.

11. Owning the Room – I am so grateful that my mother instilled in me a sense of worth and pride. I am not an individual who defines my self-worth based on the thoughts of others. Do I care what others think? I’d be lying if I said no. The point is that I know that I too can walk into a room and “own it” without overexposure/attitude/etc. A warm smile and a kind word is always better than a label or snotty attitude.

12. Baking – Random, I know, but I really enjoy cooking things. I will bake cookies just to have the smell fill the air and not because I want cookies. Maybe I should just buy a cookie scented candle.

13. Journals – These things are the best way for me to see how much I’ve grown. I have every journal that I’ve ever written in, minus one from elementary school. I remember burning it because I confessed having a crush on this boy. Ha! I got rid of it out of embarrassment.

14. Intellectual Conversation – The most attractive thing that someone can do is to inspire me to think a thought that I never knew possible.

15. Pinterest – I simply love it. I waste time with Pinterest, but the time is well spent because I end up with tons of creative projects that I want to try. Maybe I’ll develop some things for Etsy. Who knows?

Kay Jonesy, Sweet Tea Connoisseur ♥


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