A Lyrical Poem

Song ShuffleNovember 17, 2013…I am grateful for MUSIC!

I love music! I am a music geek! Not only was I in the concert band (first chair clarinet), I proudly performed with the marching band, jazz band, and color guard which consisted of the flag, rifle and saber teams. Outside of those, I sang soprano with the concert choir right before throwing jazz hands across the stage in our high school show choir rendition of Grease. To think that I identified with being extremely shy in my teenage years is rather ironic. I wonder if I could pick up those instruments and play a tune today.

Anyway, in honor of today’s gratefulness entry, I am going to play a musical game called Song Shuffle – A Lyrical Poem. The rules? Pull up your master playlist in iTunes, select the shuffle option, and press play. Write the first line of lyrics from the first 10 songs to create a poem. I prefer writing the first line of the verse, rather than the chorus/hook. For your poem’s title, click the next button to use the title of song number 11.

Don’t cheat! At the end you’ll have a pretty cool (and somewhat emotional) poem.

Lyrical Poem #1:

Sin Wagon  

Boy, I know you want me I can see it in your eyes.
Ain’t this what you came for?
Are we living in a dream world?
The safest place in the whole wide world is in the will of God,
Hugged your friends, kissed your mama goodbye,
You only know what I want you to,
For so long, I was silent.
Is it morning already?
Yea, I was in the dark and falling hard with an open heart.
How much must I repeat, we only play for keeps?

Songs referenced: No, No, No – Destiny’s Child; Tonight (Best You Ever Had) – John Legend; Come Close - Common; It Remains to Be Seen – Mississippi Mass Choir; Heartbreak Town – Dixie Chicks; Poison & Wine – The Civil Wars; I Choose to Worship - Wess Morgan; Lose My Mind – Tamia; I’m Wide Awake – Katy Perry; Play for Keeps – B.o.B.; Sin Wagon - Dixie Chicks


Lyrical Poem #2:


Can’t understand why we treat each other in this way.
I remember when we broke up the first time.
Tell me do you want the world and everything in it?
Come fly with me, let’s fly, let’s fly away.
I’ve been trying to do it right,
You push me but I don’t have the strength to resist you,
It’s not even my birthday.
Thank You, Lord, hallelujah, you’ve been so good to me.
You shout it out but I can’t hear a word you say,
Never had much faith in love or miracles.

Songs referenced: We Are One – Maze, Frankie Beverly; We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together – Taylor Swift; Won’t Make a Fool Out Of You – Marcus Canty; Come Fly with Me – Frank Sinatra; Ho Hey – The Lumineers; Never Gonna Leave this Bed – Maroon 5; Birthday Cake – Rihanna; Gospel Medley – Destiny’s Child; Titanium – David Guetta; Locked Out of Heaven – Bruno Mars; Him - Tamia



These “poems” make me sound like I’ve had a rough relationship moment. Wow! What were your crazy lyrical poems?

Kay Jonesy, Sweet Tea Connoisseur ♥


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