Introverts Unite! (via Social Media only, please)

Introverts Unite

November 21, 2013…I am an introvert.

I also realize that I can flip the “switch” of extroverted behavior as needed. However, I am most grateful for my introverted ways, because they are a part of who I am. While enjoying an extremely busy work day, I manage to squeeze in hopes of a peaceful weekend. What is that, you ask. It’s just me and my thoughts… Sleeping when I want to, using the self-checkout aisle at Walmart if I decide to see any parts of civilization during my hours of recharging, and speaking to my friends via text or social media only.

Words take too much of my introverted energy. I’d rather sit in the middle of my apartment floor and figure out new ways to apply glitter and acrylic paint to an unused canvas. That activity requires no interaction and I can enjoy every little detail, as they fit into the overall picture of a chill weekend. I am grateful for these. So here is today’s list.

21 Moments of My Introverted Life

(in gif format, because the energy to act these out does not exist)

1. Why I choose fashionable eye-wear.

2. When I decline party invites.

3. When I feel the need to defend that declined party invitation to my friends.

 4. When I head towards the apartment gym and I realize that people are in there.

5. When someone stops by my house without calling first.

6. When my friends claim that I am antisocial because I (sometimes) prefer social media.

7. When someone suggests that I should go out (alone) to meet people.

8. I finally leave the house and spot a really attractive guy. In my head I’m like…

9. And I think I’m walking like this…

10. And I think my hair looks like this…

11. …but in reality, I see the attractive guy and I’m like…

12. And I’m walking/standing like this…

13. And my hair really looks like this…

At least work is a good social environment. But there are times…

14. When I’m put on the spot at a meeting, I think…

15. …but then on the outside I’m like let the performances begin *flips extroverted switch*…

After work, I try to keep up the extroverted front.

16. In social settings, I will dance to that one song…

17. …but as soon as the song ends, I’m like…

18. Unless there is a really cute guy there…

20. …and in most cases, there isn’t, so I regroup and head home.

21.  And at the end of the day, my entertainment is  music and something to read.


K. Jones ♥


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