Crazy Friends


November 22, 2013

I am grateful for friendships…the highs and lows, the ups and downs, the laughter and tears, the irrefutable ignorance during late night chats and the heartfelt conversations with irreplaceable advice. Friends come and go, but the ones that remain, make life a sparkle a bit more.

Rather than writing 22 reasons, today I am sharing 22 photos of random moments with friends.

1. Friends that wear a smile 10 years after high school graduation. Friends

2. Friends who will meet you for lunch in a random state,  just to pose in front of a random red door, for the sake of a photo.

3. Friends who reunite to celebrate 10 years of sisterhood via arts and crafts! Friends

4. Friends who treat you to an awesome dinner in Vegas because it’s the one time that your conference was located in their new city!Friends

5. Friends who make you get out of the apartment for a night on the town!Friends

6. Friends who welcome you to celebrate their wedding day to an awesome person!Friends

7. Friends who don’t mind posing for a Skate Party photo, even though you’re wearing roller skates and you have no clue how to skate.Friends

8. Celebrating a friend’s accomplishments (college degree)!Friends

9. Friends who enjoy the random apps that bring you together even though you are miles apart.Friends

10. Friends who intentionally pose for the awkward family photo. Ha!Friends

11.  Friends who have joined an awesome sisterhood! Skee~Wee!Friends

12. Friends who understand the importance of a Margarita Monday (or Wednesday, or Friday)Friends

13. Friends who are ready to pose at random moments to look like they run the university with you. lolFriends

14. Friends who dress like you without prior planning.Friends

15. Friends who count on you on the most important day of their lives.Friends

16. Friends who can still party it up even though we all try to be uber-professional with our advanced degrees.Friends

17. Friends who look up to you, but end up teaching you more than you can ever teach them!Friends

18. Friends who help you rep your school, as if they went there too! #HailStateFriends

19. Friends who are fashionable in the midst of bad weather.Friends20. Friends who make a tough job easier by being some of your biggest supporters.Friends

21. Friends who don’t mind sporting outdated office attire for the sake of brightening your last day on the job.Friends

22. Friends who go out of their way to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and new beginnings!Friends

K. Jones ♥


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