Grateful for…Enough

November 30, 2013…I am grateful for “enough”.

Rather than create a list of 30 things, I will simply repeat that I am grateful for “enough”. The poem below is a reminder that we have what we need and not an ounce more. Enough sun to keep our attitudes bright and enough rain to appreciate the sun. Enough gain to satisfy our wants and enough loss to appreciate all that we have. Yes, there are things in life that I want…another trip to Europe; a winning lottery ticket; a home in the snow-capped mountains to overlook the beach, all within a quick ten minute drive to the countryside of my childhood home  in Mississippi. *pause* I know that the last one is nearly impossible. *play* However, those things are not what I need. I survive without them. Life goes on without the lotto win and my search continues for the perfect home of my own. I am simply grateful to have the wisdom and understanding of this. So many live their lives in search of material things, just to remain unhappy. I don’t need every pricey item out there, but each thing that I do have is priceless.

Thank you for reading my “Grateful for…” entries. I pray that the attitude of gratitude covers you in the year to come.

Miracles and Blessings,

K. Jones ♥

Enough Poem


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