Recipe: We All Remember That One Time…

It is on my heart to write about a mistake from the other night. It’s one that I have learned from rather quickly. I promise to never EVER do this again…or at least I HOPE to never do it again.

After a long day of work and attempted recuperation from holiday travels, I realized that I skipped dinner. Half asleep, I calculated cooking times for a few things. It was nearing 10pm, so I opted for a quick fix of homemade chili. I even planned to make enough for lunch the next day.

Mixing ingredients and pacing to stay awake, I noticed that the pack of seasoning had a small recipe suggestion. “Try adding a dash of cinnamon,” they said. Why, oh why, did I convince myself to try this???

Whatever you do, don’t add cinnamon to a recipe if you’re not really paying attention! It was the grossest chili ever! I can’t even tell you how much I added. I just know that it was super sweet and it somehow resembled the imagined taste of chili covered cinnamon rolls. Disgusting! The trash said hello to that dish! And I ended up frustrated, hungry, and sleep deprived. Thank goodness for fast food options near the office.

So…we all have that one thing, that one mistake to keep us on our toes. This one thing (hopefully, just one) will forever remind me that all recipes don’t need sprucing up. Sometimes a little Louisiana hot sauce is all you need.

(Below are pics of the one time that a simple chili recipe worked.)

K. Jones ♥




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