Recipe: Grilled PB&J! Where Have I Been?!?

So none of you were going to tell me about the awesomeness that is a grilled PB&J?


I am settling down, preparing my mind for Monday. Out of nowhere hunger hits. Having no desire for “real” food, I search the kitchen for a snack. Instantly thinking of the deliciousness that is a PB&J, I somehow want to add a griddle to the equation.

Sadly, I thought that I was the first person to come up with this until I did a quick Pinterest search. Well, I wasn’t. I’m just the next person in line to add a grilled PB&J to my comfort food list.

Try one for yourself.

2 slices of bread (I prefer Nature’s Own Honey Wheat.)
Jif’s Creamy Peanut Butter (whatever amount you prefer)
Welch’s Grape Jam (as much as you like)

Toast the bread on a griddle (set at 300 degrees), flipping it on each side at least once. Add peanut butter to slice one. Add jam to slice two. Once the peanut butter begins to melt, put the two slices together. THIS is where the magic happens!!!

Y’all! I am in snack heaven.

I hope that you give it a try. And…if you have any other ways to make this simple snack better, let me know! I’m curious about adding bacon or cheese.

K. Jones ♥


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