Pour Some Sugar on Me (Well…Maybe Pudding?)

Today is the day that I jump into a Daily Prompt post without a parachute!

My absolute favorite sweet treat is Banana Pudding! My adoration of this delicious dish and comfort food goes back to the days of me on my tiptoes, attempting to peek over my grandmother’s kitchen counter. She would magically mix together secret ingredients for the perfect filling. The thing is, she cooked her filling on the stove top. That is something that I have yet to master. However, I am one mean cook in the kitchen when it’s come to stirring up my traditional chilled pudding for family and friends.

Banana Pudding Mason Jars

Prior to transitioning back to the South from the Midwest, I whipped up this sweet treat for close friends. Mason Jar Banana Pudding Keepsakes! It’s the same recipe that I’ve always used, but I simply kicked up the presentation a notch! There wasn’t a jar left! Although I may not have my grandmother’s signature recipe down to a science, I have adapted my own and it has been quite a hit! So, with that, I must alter the name of this post…”Pour Some Pudding on Me!”

Stay Sweet!
K. Jones ♥


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