A Surprise Long Distance Baby Sprinkle (PLUS Three Helpful Tips to Host Your Own)

Freshman year, I met my best friend, Michelle. Since our so-called glory days, we have been through so much together! We’ve shared celebrations (sorority membership, weddings, births) as well as sad times (loss of loved ones, stresses, and struggles). Our friendship of nearly fourteen years derived from someone telling us that we looked alike. After hearing this many, many times, we had to meet and see what all of the fuss was about. Needless to say, our freshman arrogance created a bond like no other!

My personal blessing from this friendship is the title of godmother. I am proud to say that I have 2.5 godchildren in my life!

  • My godson – Rabe’, an athletic and intelligent 7 year old who questions EVERYTHING!
  • My goddaughter – Makarley, who defines the words sassy and prissy; She’s a  5 year old BOSS!
  • My godson – Name pending, is due this April!

I am so excited about his arrival! However, it is tough not being able to visit my extended family as much as I’d like, since we live a couple of states apart. This alone, led to the title of this post.

I wanted to do something special for Michelle, to let her know that her friends, family, and sorors were thinking of her, even though we were not able to gather for a formal baby shower. In her words, she didn’t think that people would be interested in the idea because this was baby number three. Plus, she lived in a different state and the logistics would be a nightmare. So, after much snooping, I decided to do a long distant baby sprinkle.

A Long Distance Baby Sprinkle means sprinkling someone with love from afar, in the absence of an actual shower. (my personal definition). So, I called in the troops via email and explained what I wanted to do. The response was wonderful! (And, if you contributed and are reading this, I sincerely thank you!)

My original idea was to gather monetary donations and send her a large gift card for anything that she wished. However, after additional digging I realized that Michelle deemed that idea impersonal. Plus, she doesn’t have the energy to shop with a 7 and 5 year old while being eight months pregnant. I never looked at it that way. Clearly, I am inexperienced in that area.

Upon the donation deadline, I headed out and started shopping. I was able to purchase things ranging from diapers to receiving blankets to baby nail care kits. The goal was to purchase items that may be overlooked by mom and dad. It has been a while since they’ve brought a baby home from the hospital. All items were purchased, including candy bags for the soon-to-be older siblings. Thank God I had a box large enough for everything. I loaded all of the items and used about half a roll of packing tape! This box had to get there safely.

I mailed everything on Monday evening and mom and dad received their box today! I don’t think I’ve ever heard Michelle that excited! She couldn’t believe that I was able to keep this a secret. She was so happy that our sorority sisters and friends pitched in to make this surprise a possibility. As you can tell by the photos, there was a lot in the box!

And to close, I must say that friendship surpasses miles. We may not be able to hang out physically, but you had best believe that we are there for each other mentally and spiritually! I am praying for a safe delivery and the arrival of a healthy baby boy! I can’t wait to meet him.

Do you know of someone who is expecting? Are you hoping to throw them a surprise baby sprinkle? Well, here are three things to remember…

  1. Take charge and ask for help, but keep it simple. With a pool of extremely busy people, details are key! Send an email with the baby sprinkle information that also includes payment options or options for well wishes, which leads to point number two.
  2. Offer a non-monetary option. Yes, sending a gift card or an extra gift is nice, but money isn’t everything! Sometimes we need to be reminded that we are thought of and loved. Offer other options besides monetary donations. With this event, I offered participants a chance to give advice or a “blessing for baby”. Participants were able to email me their well wishes and I hand-wrote them on owl themed cards. This is helpful for those who want to participate but choose to forego contributing financially. It’s also an added bonus for mom and dad because the advice cards double as keepsakes.
  3. Snoop around!!! Randomly ask mommy-to-be what she needs. Keep those answers in your memory bank and pull from them when purchasing gifts. For example, Michelle is decorating the nursery with owls. This truly helped with the shopping list. I was able to coordinate everything (receiving blankets, onesies, etc.) to what she truly wanted!

If you choose to do this for someone you love, let me know how it turns out! Write about it and share your link in the comments below. Trust me, you’ll feel great by doing great things for other people!

God bless!
K. Jones ♥


2 Replies to “A Surprise Long Distance Baby Sprinkle (PLUS Three Helpful Tips to Host Your Own)”

  1. I’m going to CRY all over again!! This friendship journey of ours has been amazing. God couldn’t have picked a better person for me. Even though the miles have been between us since you first moved, it never got in the way of anything. My children adore you, so they always put the skittles on it!:) You’ve been there for each birth, so I know not having you there will be a little sad for me. Plus, you capture the best moments of life after birth. As I prepare for these last few weeks of pregnancy, I pray that he’s healthy, happy and arrives here safely. You’ll never know how much I genuinely appreciate what you pulled together. We love you, and can’t wait to use our precious items:) Andrew Dillon will be my LAST, so I’m going to enjoy every moment.

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