So long, Mainland!

A few weeks ago, I checked off a bucket list item. (Click here to view the list.)

I traveled to Hawaii to serve as a bridesmaid for a dear friend during her vows renewal ceremony. The fantastic location was Oahu. We even took bridal party photos on Waikiki Beach. And the bridal party was themed after Disney Princesses. I wore green for “Tiana” from The Princess and the Frog. I truly had a wonderful time!

The one theme from my trip reflection is “I’m a grown woman, and I can do whatever I want.” *cue Beyoncé’s music*

Seriously, I drove myself to the airport at 5 a.m. and hopped on a place to Atlanta, and from there, Hawaii! No travel buddy, not even a person that I casually knew; only friends that were waiting on my flight to land. I must be honest with y’all. I haven’t always been so sassy and willing to offer my opinions. There was a time in my life where I wouldn’t even correct a cashier for giving me the wrong change after a purchase. Now, I’m earning 10,000 miles over a weekend…by myself. It’s unreal to me.

I’ve always dreamt of doing cool things like this, yet I had this vision of doing them with a significant other. It’s possible that I’ve put off a lot of things in life because that role was vacant. However, my life goal is to simply enjoy the experiences and not worry so much about the moments being less than perfect. If I continue to focus on the positive, those happy moments will be reflected in all that I do.

Below are snapshots from the trip. I’m thinking of adding a few of them to my Etsy Shop as well. And one final note, if you’re ever thinking of visiting the islands, do it!!! You won’t be disappointed.

Have a blessed day!
K. Jones ♥


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