Empathy Is Not Limited By Color

If you’ve tuned in to any national news, you may agree that this week has been a whirlwind of emotions. From scandal coverage on the local news to large scale reports of senseless violence and catastrophic tragedies, our nightly news hours has become a source of information overload and a generator of competitive grieving.

Browsing through various social media platforms, I observe that several individuals are perplexed as to how another can feel anger for the loss of a young man, Mike Brown, while also burdened by the death of a man who had the ability to uplift our spirits through laughter, Robin Williams. The air of competitive grieving amazes me. Can we not grieve for both? Can we not empathize with the families as they muster through these extremely difficult moments. Why must we feel forced to make a decision as to who gets our tears…our condolences…our activism?

On a daily basis, it seems as if violence is the majority. However, I truly believe that there is good in the world. There are good people in this violent world. These good people take violent and tragic circumstances and turn them into teachable moments that result in good outcomes.

Unfortunately, police brutality is real. And on that same note, depression is real. Rather than attacking one another for grieving and relating to both situations, let us move forward with peaceful educational activism. Share resources with each other about depression and available help for those in need. Join in the conversation and examine ways for us to stand by a zero-tolerance policy for police brutality. Work together to create a better society, so that future generations can look back and be grateful rather than ashamed.

Just my two cents.

God bless,

K. Jones ♥

Robin Williams Mike Brown

Inspired by an Instagram post. Photo Credit: www.instagram.com/hautemommie

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