Let Me Tell What Went Wrong This Week



As you may have noticed, its been a while since I’ve posted something. August 17 to be exact. Well…I work in higher education and this is peak season for welcoming new students to campus. So in addition to smiling, waving, educating, and constructively challenging, I have dealt with car issues, piss poor customer service, 100 degree weather, and inconsiderate individuals.

What I have learned is that I am sometimes (most of the times) a know-it-all. And yes, I do believe that I know many things…especially when they relate to my career or personal life. However, I am learning to take steps back and let others “win” although I know deep down in my soul that I am right. I am biting my tongue through educational moments and reminding myself that every battle is not mine to fight.

And to add the icing on my cake, I received a letter that my rent is increasing out of nowhere, effective yesterday. Thanks for the heads up, landlord. This further confirms that I will not renew my lease in December. Yay for apartment or house searching. So forgive me if my post is not the usual peppy, happy storyline. I am now relaxing with my feet propped up, hair tied, slice of pizza, and bottle of cheap wine. ‘Cause let’s be honest, cheap wine still gets the job done. 

However, God is still good and I thank Him for it!

God bless!
K. Jones ♥


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