Avoid the Stupid Things

Conflict happens. I hate it and I often see it coming a mile away. If you know me well enough, you’ll see me avoiding it from two miles away. It’s a waste of time; a necessary evil; an energy drainer; a happiness stealer. You get my point. This afternoon, I unplugged from the clutter of conflict. I turned off my phone after a really heated conversation with someone that matters to me. Not to go into the details, but it ended with yelling and my voice interjecting to say “I’m done with this because clearly my opinion doesn’t matter to you. Good night.”

At that moment, I unplugged. I need peace and quiet and reflection and good music. So, that’s what I’m doing. Music is in the background. I’m reading a good book and I am gathering my thoughts. I am adjusting my attitude because I don’t want to carry today’s negativity into tomorrow.

Reminder for the week: Don’t let little stupid things break your happiness.

K. Jones ♥


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