Patterns and Seasons

For the last few weeks I have mentally noted a post idea for my blog. Oddly enough, those thoughts never made it to the site. In my attempts to erase writer’s block, I consult my journal. I enjoy reading entries from a year ago. They are helpful and serve as a reminder of whether or not I’m on track with goals, or if I’m completely left field. Reading a written entry revealed that I have a pattern with this season called Fall.

I opened an entry dated November 3, 2013 by saying, “I don’t know why it has been so hard for me to journal! Since September 21st I’ve been saying that I need to write. However, my thoughts have stopped me. I would grab this book and a pen, and begin to think, not write.”

Funny how that entry is relevant right now. The only difference is that I open the laptop as I find a comfortable place on the sofa. The next step is a slight tilt of my head to the left and then it happens. I look off to a corner of the ceiling as the daydreams begin. No writing happens. So this entry serves as my going against the grain. This is my writing a blog entry. May the writer’s block be erased.

K. Jones ♥


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