Why not?

On my 30th birthday I embraced this false sense of adulthood. During my twenties, I knocked out a couple of degrees and my first professional job, as well as a few critical (and necessary) heartaches. However, turning 30 was only 29 plus one. There was no Aha! moment for me. I didn’t gain the ‘newness’ that I had hoped for or expected. I didn’t have all of the answers like I thought I would when I was 21. I’m not sure what I wanted to happen but it was (dare I say) just another birthday.

Now, two years later, I find myself defining my life chapter as the “Why Not” chapter. It seems like everyone is asking me those life chapter questions that dig below the surface of “hey, how are you?” You know, the ones that dive right into the intimate prayers and conversations that you have with God; the ones that you seal with an Amen…the dating, the family, the future life. *sigh* They always seem to slide into the casual conversations about the weather or the latest recipe with impeccable timing to catch you off guard. *clutches pearls* It’s tough out here.

But…for the things that I can control…

Why not?

Why not: travel more, develop a favorite whiskey (which I have), get a tattoo, allow someone to play matchmaker on my behalf, go after that terminal degree, do something totally out of the ordinary?

Why not?

It’s not a phase. Perhaps it’s being a grown woman.

K. Jones ❤️


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