Purpose Over Pettiness (Ralph, You Don’t Know Me)

I often read greatday.com for moments of inspiration. Clicking on the site is similar to me saying a quick prayer and reading a verse of the Bible based on the page that my finger lands on. In my mind, I am meant to hear the message.

Today, Ralph Marston stepped all on my soon-to-be pedicured toes. Simply put, he reminded me through his wisdom that “you can choose purpose over pettiness any hour, every hour of the day.” I even gasped when reading the post because I knew deep down that I was supposed to read this message.

It is okay to get upset and be angry about things, as I often do. What is not okay, is allowing those things to impact how I interact with others. My relationship with person B cannot be the result of person A’s wrongdoings. Unfortunately, I almost forgot that. Thank God for a relaxing bubble bath and calming music. Sometimes, we (I) just need to shut up and reflect. Everything does not deserve a response.

So, kudos to you, Mr. Marston. You continue to give me something to think about!

K. Jones ♥

The Strength Inside

Let love and joy and goodness get through to you. Let all the rest fall gently away.

Take whatever the world offers and direct it toward what matters. Be strong, inside, where strength makes all the difference.

You don’t have to be drawn into the negativity of the moment. You can choose to live at a higher level, not arrogantly but gratefully and lovingly.

You can choose purpose over pettiness any hour, every hour of the day. What gets inside and stays inside and grows, is up to you.

Imagine joy, and it is there. Imagine looking at life from a perspective of love, and you do.

You really can transform difficulty into achievement, anxiety into peace, conflict into cooperation. Decide to nurture and use the strength inside, and make it so.

— Ralph Marston


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