That Time I Almost Made Myself Cry

Roughly six months ago, I wrote myself a letter. It was part of a reflection activity. The instructions were to write as if I were receiving recognition from myself for work completed during the fall semester. (Note: I live in semesters because I work in Higher Education.)

Today, I opened that letter and I teared up reading it. It wasn’t awe-inspiring. It wasn’t even impressive. However, through my hurried penmanship, I could tell that what I wrote on that day was real. I wanted to encourage myself from afar. Without overanalyzing any portion of the letter, I jotted down exactly what I needed to hear on today.

“You are awesome! I am proud of you for…having an awesome semester with [the office]. You have served as a down-to-earth mentor to [colleauges]! Y’all kicked butt with programming! There is room to grow this spring, but you know that. : ) You stood up for yourself when needed. You are closer to that work-life balance and you are an all-around badass* boss! I love you, sista!!!! Continue to kick butt! Kathy S. Jones”

I needed to hear that. Thank you, self. I appreciate you!

Sometimes, speaking over yourself includes writing it down.

K. Jones ♥

Letter to Self KJ*Badass – of formidable strength or skill





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