Chase Joy

A part of speaking life over yourself is remaining positive. I know just as well as anyone else that positivity is not always easy. Doubt creeps in like the thief that it is, stealing joy and replacing it with feelings of lack. Those feelings turn into negative “What If” statements, which ultimately shift into phrases that we speak. In speaking those statements, we put into action a series of undesired outcomes. 

I’ll use my gym membership as an example. Day one of purchasing it, I began saying that it wasn’t a big deal if I skipped a session or seven because the membership wasn’t that expensive. Not showing up because of whatever excuse wouldn’t matter because I could swing the expense. I know that this mindset played a role in my visiting that gym 5 times out of the last four months. 

Imagine if I had a different take on signing up. If only I had registered under the notion that showing up saves me money because the membership is so inexpensive. There is no telling how many times I would have visited. (And yes, I still have the membership. There is hope.)

My point is that we have to be careful of what we think and later speak about things that we hope for. Will the situation always work out? Maybe not this time. BUT, we have to guard our hearts and minds by speaking positivity and joy into our surroundings. There is enough doubt and negativity in the world as it is. Why invite it to comfort us by speaking it into our lives?

K. Jones ♥



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