Fortune Cookie Contentment

I am not one to place my faith in an average fortune cookie. However, I do believe that God can speak through any medium. Rather than walking through each day with blinders on, I welcome messages that might tap into prayers and thoughts. You see, I don’t have one-and-done prayers. My speaking with God is an ongoing conversation. More times than not, those conversations are one-sided, with me rambling on and on about gratitude and blessings and statements of Lord, if you will… But then, there are those times where my ears are open and my heart is even more curious. Those moments are where I seek God in my sincerest form. Moments where that single tear escapes the corner of my eye, right before I say “Lord, you know because I don’t.”

Today, in the midst of the daily hustle and bustle, I cracked open a fortune cookie. The first one said, (and yes, I always grab two) “You are bright and witty.” I shrugged my shoulders because you know, that’s true. The second one said “You will have full contentment by summers end.” If that second fortune didn’t give me an old Church of God in Christ shoulder jerk! (And if you’re wondering, I am United Methodist.) But that is neither here nor there… I read the second message and instantly felt a connection to my prayers from days and weeks before.

I am grateful that I was listening and not caught up in the rush of a manic Monday. All I can say is… I see you, Jesus. I hear you too! You go, Boy…Sir…Father! Better yet, you go Father, Son, and Holy Ghost!

K. Jones ♥


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