I Am Not the One.

In the midst of dinner, someone asked what my bracelet meant. I couldn’t help but laugh because I didn’t answer that question well in the midst of high stress levels a few days earlier. The week prior, my response was simple. I am not the one. After a couple of gasps, everyone at the table laughed.

The bracelet that I often wear is from the I Am Second campaign. It is a faith reminder. My answer was not intentionally flippant but it did seem that way. I didn’t leave my happy hour friends with that statement. I explained how I poorly answered “I am not the one” a week prior, followed by the bracelet’s true meaning. To me, the bracelet reminds me to humble myself. Life is not a story about me. It is about God and living it in a light that represents God to those who have yet to establish a relationship with Him.

While living in Indiana, I stumbled upon the “I Am Second” campaign because of a bracelet. I don’t recall who was wearing it, but I know that I wasn’t brave enough to ask them about it. Instead, I ran to Google and was amazed at how many people were sharing their faith stories on video. It opened my eyes to a different form of expression. I didn’t have to stand in the pulpit to speak and share my story. I could share my moments by wearing the bracelet. It is a conversation starter and it introduces someone to God, even if for a moment. The hope is that a single conversation or encounter intrigues the individual to continue their own research, digging deeper into what God means to them.

Today, I am sharing one of my favorite I Am Second videos (linked below).

Tony Dungy – I Am Second

It is of Tony Dungy, former NFL coach. In the video, he says “Everything’s going to be great because this is God’s plan, it isn’t our plan.” What a reminder! Often times, I stress about life. Not because of my plan, but because of my unawareness of the plan’s details. I know there is a plan, but I can’t see page 2-infinity of the document. The great thing is that I don’t need to see those pages. When the author of the plan is God, I just know that each page will be turned at the perfect time and the content will be read just when it’s supposed to be discovered.

Have a blessed Sunday friends!

K. Jones ♥


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