“The Lord prepares you before He uses you.”

Today is a great day! Matter of fact, this week has been an awesome week! I am so blessed to be alive and have the basics, a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food on my table. I am grateful. There have been moments of frustration, but those are trivial when I look at the big picture of what God has done and is doing in my life.

This morning, I checked a few social media sites prior to preparing for work. I stumbled upon an interview with a Pigeon Forge evacuee. This man’s testimony and hope-filled presence struck me and tears fell from my eyes before I knew it. I appreciate his wisdom and genuinely calm nature, as he shared the goodness of God and the hidden meaning of doing what your gut is telling you.

The gentleman was fleeing from fires that may or may not have engulfed his home. In doing so, something told him to grab two gas cans even though he didn’t need them. He listened and he did. As he and his family left the home, he met a neighbor who was attempting to assist an elderly women evacuate. They were able to help each other and relocate to safety. During their exchange, the woman expressed how grateful she was for his help. She mentioned that all she needed was gas to return to assist others. In that moment it became clear to him that his earlier actions of gathering the gas cans had purpose. The act of further assisting this woman did not benefit him one bit, but it helped the greater good. He was able to help someone else with something that he almost discarded.

At that moment in the interview, the gentleman says “the Lord prepares you before He uses you.” If he had not gathered those items, perhaps the woman would not be able to save others. Thank God he listened to that small voice without question. I pray for the people affected by the fires. I pray for their safety and that they are able to one day recover. I pray that this man’s words can reach the masses and provide comfort to a hurting community.

God Bless You,
K. Jones ♥


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