With Light and Love

“There comes a point in many a woman’s life when she simply has to be honest with herself about who she is and where she is in life.” -Lisa Jean-Francois

Every once in a while, I stumble upon a post that leaves me nodding and waving my ‘church hand’ in total agreement. Today’s post, Why I Don’t F*#k with People All Like that Anymore, is from Lisa of Lisa à la mode.

I read every single word with a resounding yes in my spirit! Lisa understands me… or at least this life chapter that I am finding myself in! I love how she articulates life’s experiences. Reality is that while we grow wiser and begin to realize who we are, we go through unexpected shifts and take on increased responsibilities. Lisa is brutally honest, which I appreciate. Perhaps my admiration is a result of my Virgo nature. For I, too, can be a bitch. (Point of clarification, Lisa uses the term asshole.)

One thing I know for sure is that life is hard. Matter of fact, last year fell into a category of ‘least favorite years’. There were a lot of joys but best believe there were lots of pains. However, life is bigger than unfortunate disagreements that I find myself often replaying in attempts to pinpoint where (and how) things went downhill. But hey, shit happens.

As Lisa mentioned in her post, I too believe that friendships are incredibly important. She says it best! “I am beyond grateful for the people who continue to love and support me by choice. That being said, we’re all human with human emotions, with busy and complicated lives. I think we’d all do better to remember that we’re all just trying figure things out, and therefore set our expectations accordingly.  This ain’t Sex And The City and this ain’t Girlfriends. This is life.”

No need for tea or shade, only proverbial support and well wishes from afar. To read the complete post, click here.

With love and light, God bless.
K. Jones ♥


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