Weekend Adventures

This weekend was the definition of quality time! I wouldn’t change a thing about it!

They say it takes a village when raising children. I can attest to that, because I am the product of such village. I am so blessed to have been raised by my village! The youngest of 8 children, I often count my siblings as extra parents. (There is a significant age gap between them and me, so occasionally they try to boss me around.)

We experienced the loss of my father around a week after my third birthday. Since that time, we have grown much closer as a family unit. I’d also like to credit that unity to my wonderful mother. She is simply amazing! She is what I aspire to be as a wife and mother! Plus, I’m pretty sure she’s the originator of my creative genes. Her area of expertise is quilt design and quilting by hand. I don’t even think she owns a machine, but I know that our home is filled with at least 100 handmade quilts. The intricate detailing boggles my mind! Ah! She’s just awesome! 🙂

This summer, mom will be 80 years young! We’re are celebrating her by doing things throughout the year rather than host a one and done dinner party. (Although, I’m pretty sure we’ll do the dinner party too. )

This weekend, she joined my sisters for a little road trip. As my sisters continued to meet up with our niece, mom and I shared all day Saturday to enjoy our little adventure. Dressed and ready to go, we headed to New Orleans!

Mom had never traveled to New Orleans prior to this weekend, because she absolutely hates large bodies of water. The trip to NOLA was a little difficult to make because one route includes Lake Pontchartrain. Because of this fact, she refused to entertain the idea of a visit. Luckily for her, I had a plan.

Leaving my apartment we headed East. I could tell right away that she knew something was up. (I didn’t tell her where we were going.) As we drove for about 20 minutes, she took in the scenery and enjoyed casual conversation. It wasn’t until we reached the halfway point that she noticed a mile marker saying ’35 miles to New Orleans.’ Slowly, she grabbed her seatbelt a little tighter and at some point grabbed a hold of the door handle. I could tell that she was thinking of that bridge. My sweet mama hung in there once she realized that we were taking a different route. She didn’t fuss too much but I did have to calm her nerves a bit as we completed our drive. I think she was a little shocked that I took her somewhere new. 🙂

Once in the city, we drove around a bit, sightseeing. Venturing down St. Charles Street, we saw the streetcars and tons of tourists walking around. Once we survived the bumpy roads and busy streets, we landed at the French Market. Sidenote: I cannot visit New Orleans unless I stop by Loretta’s Authentic Pralines for her famous Sweet Potato Cookies! Those cookies are soooo good! (I embedded the link to her site in the last sentence, because you need a ‘Treat Yo Self’ moment. Go and order those cookies!)

After our cookie and praline purchases, we headed back to St. Charles Street to have dinner with one of my friends. We checked out New Orleans Hamburgers and Seafood Co. and were pleasantly surprised. The food was delicious. And the laughter and conversation was even better! It was a much needed getaway from Baton Rouge.

I’m not sure mom is a fan of the busy New Orleans life, but I can confirm that she enjoyed our trip while learning more about my love for NOLA! When we returned to Baton Rouge, it was one big slumber party with mom and two of my sisters. And if you didn’t know, Netflix comedy specials and sweet potato cookies go quite well together.

On top of the spontaneous travel, good food, and great conversations, my mom asked me not once, but twice if I had lost weight. Won’t He do it?! In mind, it must be true, because Southern mamas don’t entertain those types of comments often. Ha!

Again, I am so blessed to have members of my village as active members in my life! Grateful is the only other word that comes to mind. It makes me look forward to the day that my children can join in the celebrations of quality time!

Have a blessed day! God bless you!

K.Jones ♥











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