And so it begins…

“There’s no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this.”

Recent work weeks have been tiring but rewarding. I am so blessed to work with team members who not only fill in the gaps of my shortcomings, but those who express their insane levels of creativity to make projects fun and unique. I truly enjoy the work that I do! Most importantly, I enjoy the people that I work with. They have become my family away from family.

After a long day of student interviews, I had the somewhat crazy idea to make an impromptu trip to New Orleans. Something quick and simple. It was a random Tuesday after all. I simply wanted to get away with good company. I convinced two friends to hop in the car as we visited another. Big eyes and hungry stomachs were merged into the flow of traffic to enjoy a NOLA night.

The ultimate treat was that we never made it to the restaurant. Catching up on a well-lit patio among glasses of wine and comfy rocking chairs was the icing on the cake. It was the ideal New Orleans night. Filled with Southern charm and humor, anything relating to stress didn’t stand a chance. It had been so long since we all were gathered face-to-face. The laughs rolled away as I occasionally cringed from random lizard sightings. Ha! (This is why I don’t hang outside too often.) Catching up on the last 60 days or so, we were able to enjoy the fresh night air. It was heavenly and invigorating, and I was reminded that the small things in life matter most.

Here’s to many more nights of spontaneous travel, laughter, and wine among friends.

K. Jones ♥


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