A reminder text alert woke me at the wee hours of the morning (11 AM). I jumped up, panicked. I hopped in the shower, quickly washed my hair, and hurriedly got dressed. My heart rate was elevated as I tried to figure out how I slept until 11 AM. How long would I have slept if I didn’t get the text?

Taking a deep breath, I realized it is Sunday. For me, Sunday means additional calm. You wouldn’t think that, if you were a fly on my wall watching me scurry around while resembling a puppy caught in a summer rainstorm. I’m awake, but my goodness I am exhausted. This summer has been extremely busy and I really didn’t expect it. With work changes and family celebrations, things are nonstop. For the record, things are not bad. However, they are definitely taxing on my stamina.

To confirm how exhausted I apparently am, I preheated the oven before beginning to cook two frozen biscuits. (My grandmothers would not approve of these faux biscuits.) I set the timer and began working on new ideas for The Hazel Gennie Shop. The timer buzzed but there was no progress on breakfast. Mind you, it’s almost noon at this point. I reset the timer and returned to the computer. This cycle happened two more times. The oven was warm, so it must be something going on with my stove. There, right there, in front of my own two eyes, I realize that I put the cast iron skillet in the oven to bake two frozen biscuits right before I turned the oven off. Seriously?!?

It is now 1:27 PM, and I am waiting on breakfast turned brunch turned lunch to be ready. However, it is a great Sunday indeed. At least I brewed the coffee correctly. I can only imagine if I had little ones and a spouse with rumbling tummies. There is a silver lining after all.

Be blessed y’all!
K. Jones ♥


Feature Image: Urban Outfitters

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