Good morning you beautiful people! Today is a “write through it” type of day. I woke up feeling really homesick. It seems to be out of the blue, but I’ve been working and traveling so much that this weekend has become the first of many moments that I’ve had to myself. When things get quiet, the doors of reflection open.

Today I feel a bit overwhelmed. In full transparency, I want to do so much with so little. I realize that I am blessed to be where I am in life and that I am fortunate to be surrounded by genuinely kind souls that invest a piece of their joy into me. I often ponder about the next steps or chapters of life. Will I move? Will I change careers? Will I become debt-free? (Lord, fix it!)

This morning, I am asking all of the questions hoping for swift answers and/or direction. I know I’m not the only person who does this because I recently talked someone from the “stress ledge” of adulting. I’m trying to remind myself of the advice that I shared with them. Times can be tough, but the good always outweighs the bad. I tell you this, God is in control and my temporary discouragement is just that. Temporary. I am so grateful for the ram in bush and the way out of no way. Just when I think I’m not good enough or at the end of my rope, there appears a small glimmer of hope that catches my attention like glitter in the light.

I’m grateful for the end results. I’m grateful for the testimony in the works. I’m grateful for the inspiration that I will become to and for others. I’m grateful for the moments that I will have to encourage others by example.

Oddly enough as it relates to homesickness, I am closer to home geographically but I still feel like I am days of travel away. I wish I could pick up the best pieces of everywhere that I’ve lived and relocate them to a beautiful spot in the country. I’m missing the green grass and open pastures that are viewable from the side porch of my childhood home. Times were simpler then. No bills, no nothing. However, I know the Lord will make a way. No doubt. I’m just hoping to meet Him halfway. My prayer always says, “Lord, help me to help myself.” Perhaps that is the Virgo in me. Perhaps, it is my recollection of the verse that “faith without works is dead” (James 2:26).

Whatever it is, Lord, help me to get it together and be who I am destined to be. Discovering and living in my purpose. And most importantly, whatever you’re doing in this season, please don’t do it without me. In the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

God bless each of you!
K. Jones ♥


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