One Little Word® | 2018

This morning, I write. Fully caffeinated, joy-filled and blessed, I write. A foiled calendar hangs on the wall near my reading nook and I realize that today is January 19th. I’ve been pondering my word for a whole nineteen days! On second thought, I’ve pondered what to share regarding my word choice.

At the close of 2017, I realized I didn’t select a word for the year. Yikes! I guess my 2016 choice (Speak) held it’s own throughout those 24 months. *pats self of the back* However, it was time to renew and refresh. Scrolling through various social media timelines, I ignored the task of selecting a word. I said a few options aloud but nothing grabbed my attention. It wasn’t until a random visit to Twitter that I saw a tweet from a parody account for Chimamanda Ngozi Adichi. It said, “In 2018, everyone will just be saying ‘congratulations’ to you.” (Tweet shown below.) I hit the retweet button so quick that I scared myself. Ha! I guess that was my desired affirmation. Immediately, I took a screenshot and proclaimed ‘CONGRATULATIONS‘ as my word.

‘Congratulations’ is not about other people. This word choice is rooted in continued personal growth as I enhance my own way of thinking. January 2016 – December 2017 allowed me to shift my words and what I put into the universe. Those years challenged me to refrain from pessimistic impulses, shifting to silver linings woven with positivity. Even during the toughest opportunities, I spoke peace, joy, and life over situations and moved forward. In doing so, I recognized a promising shift in my own way of navigating those moments.

In 2018, ‘congratulations’ is about three things: saying ‘thank you’ without explanation or a deflecting story line, recognizing wins and victories, and welcoming others to congratulate me.

To provide context…

  1. Saying ‘Thank you’, without explanation or a deflecting story line.
    • For me, ‘Thank You’ is tougher than saying, ‘No’. Why? ‘No’ is a complete sentence that does not warrant explanation. ‘Thank you’ allows for air and awkward opportunity. It’s just weird when said alone. Note, I’m still working on this one.
  2. Recognizing wins and victories.
    • Celebrating my accomplishments no matter how ordinary or grand the scale! That’s it! Sweet, simple and to the point.
  3. Welcoming others to congratulate me.
    • Now, this one can be tricky. It requires work! Let’s be real for a second. We don’t applaud a fish for swimming, right? Right. So, no matter how ‘naturally good’ I am at something, I must work harder to reach a level of congratulations that I believe I deserve.
    • Perhaps this one is embedded in my analytical or futuristic Virgo nature, but it has positive impact. It motivates me to go for it and ‘shoot my shot’ per say. It welcomes room for improvement as I reflect and pinpoint the what-ifs in the midst of how-to brainstorming.
    • It becomes the tiny voice that coaches me to persist through a lens of intelligence and creativity.

‘Congratulations’ is about expecting greatness from self while achieving goals. To drive my point home, I must share one of my favorite television moments. Cardi B. sums up my mood for ‘congratulations’ with her pitch ‘you wanna know something’. Ha! (begin video at 2:53)

It’s going to be a great year! Congratulations to me!

K. Jones ♥


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