Cheers! To Our Beautiful Energy

Last weekend, I traveled to Memphis for a beautiful wedding! It was a quick road trip filled with laughter and joy! When I returned to Baton Rouge, I couldn’t wait to tell others about the festivities. The bride, my dear sorority sister, was gorgeous!! Her loving husband cried throughout the ceremony. The bridal party looked amazing and the reception was fantastic! I had been anticipating the weekend ever since I received my save-the-date in the mail last year! It was such a great time!

Once I returned home, I called my mom to share details of the trip. She said, “you sound so happy. You must have had a good time!” My response was simple. “You know, I am and I did!”

It’s amazing how much fun you can have when surrounded by genuine people who are truly happy for you! I hope to continue strengthening the company I keep while growing our beautiful energy until it overflows! Wishing you nothing but positive vibes and genuine joy as you enter this week!

God bless!
K. Jones ♥


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