Not Bad for a Girl with No Creativity

This week alone, God has opened so many doors. Many of which, I still cannot see. However, like the old song says, “Jesus will!”

I am so grateful for those that pour into me and speak life over me. I am thankful for the new relationships established within the last month that, for lack of a better phrase, just clicked. It’s amazing how the first conversation with someone seems like you’re picking up on years of friendship. True chemistry! It’s an amazing thing!

I am forever grateful for those that genuinely desire to check in and share their happiest moments but don’t hold back when they need a reality check or a positive word spoken over their life. The older and wiser I become, I find it easier to recognize those moments in which I feel no pressure to dull my intelligence, humor, or generosity. The most important takeaway is paying close attention to who is in the room when that level of comfort is there. Authenticity and vulnerability are beautiful things, although they can be challenging. Knowing my worth as a human being and embracing my own voice, no matter how my nerves are behind the scenes, keeps me growing and maturing each and every single second of my life. I thank God for that! The reality is that I could be wasting my time walking around trying to be liked by everyone. People-pleasers may exude happiness but their joy is fleeting. In my book, happiness and joy are nowhere near the same things.

This idea has been on my mind on and off all year. Yesterday, I had three phone calls back-to-back. None of the calls were related in nature, however, every single one talked about this very thing. Maturation is realizing that some things in life simply don’t warrant a response; not even a shoulder shrug. For me, I might think of something and say to myself, “oh, that’s cute” or “hmmm…it’s a shame that (this one or that one) feels that they have to put on a show.” What I’m ultimately getting at is that whatever we’re doing in our lives should bring us joy, even if there is no audience for it. But hey, who am I? They tell me I’m just a girl with no creativity.

K. Jones ♥



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