Repetitive but Relevant

Do you ever find yourself saying the same thing over and over? Even if it’s throughout the day, I often catch myself saying “Thank you, Jesus” as I walk throughout my home or office. It may be repetitive but it sure is relevant. I wake up excited about all of the things that are possible. The energy may not match the excitement, but that’s where my coffee partnership begins.

This morning, I slept in and woke up dragging a little. However, I am excited about my creativity to-do list as well as my to-do list for life. Interestingly enough, I completely understand that everything is according to His will and timing. I just hope I am close to that halfway meeting point that we often profess when speaking of God’s goodness, grace, and mercy.

It’s a blessing when there are so many things to express gratitude for and celebrate. This weekend, we celebrated my mother and her 81st birthday. She is my all and I am so blessed to continue celebrating her even if she doesn’t want the BIG fuss. In her words, “you don’t celebrate ‘the one’ you celebrate 90.” So, to provide a quick remedy for that, we simply adjusted our schedules and made a little fuss happen often throughout the weekend. It was a great time!

Lately, there are so many things to celebrate. The only downside is that I can’t be everywhere. However, I am so happy to be able to celebrate (from a distance) with a few others.

Also, this past weekend, a friend and her husband were celebrated as they prepare to welcome their first little one. I am so excited for them! Due in August, this little girl will be met with so much love! Her parents are the perfect pair to welcome her into this world! They are humble, loving, and fun people who are always genuine and giving to others. My dear friend is one of the most intelligent women that I know and I can already imagine the little powerhouse that her daughter will become.

Last week, I joined a baby shower for another friend. She’s known as my long-lost sister because we look like we could be related. It was a joy to take part in her celebration and she prepares to welcome baby number two, a son. Her family is growing and she is just an awesome woman who values education and scholarly work. Her daughter is amazing and may take on the engineering world by storm in the next few years. It was a pleasure that me and my best friend were able to attend and join in the celebration.

A third friend and her husband recently celebrated welcoming their adorable son into their family. You see, their journey was a little different as they worked through the adoption process. Meeting their little one in September 2017, they officially completed the process in late-March. I love their story, because it isn’t picture perfect. However, their family portrait is beyond perfect. He even looks like them! It’s crazy and adorable at the same time.

These four examples are why I find myself being repetitive with my praise and appreciation for what God is doing and has done. In spite of the negativity in the world, I am grateful because there are glimmers of hope through the stories of those that I truly care about and love. There is a silver lining that guarantees me that if I continue to trust in Him, the God of hope will fill me with all joy and peace, so that I may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit. (Romans 15:13)

It is simply a blessing to be able to celebrate others. I am so grateful that these awesome people think enough of me to include me in such important moments. Moments like these are truly the foundation of life. I can only continue to say, “Thank You, Jesus.”

K. Jones ♥


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