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One Little Word® | 2018

This morning, I write. Fully caffeinated, joy-filled and blessed, I write. A foiled calendar hangs on the wall near my reading nook and I realize that today is January 19th. I've been pondering my word for a whole nineteen days! On second thought, I've pondered what to share regarding my word choice. At the close… Continue reading One Little Word® | 2018

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Good morning you beautiful people! Today is a "write through it" type of day. I woke up feeling really homesick. It seems to be out of the blue, but I've been working and traveling so much that this weekend has become the first of many moments that I've had to myself. When things get quiet,… Continue reading Grateful

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Feed Your Focus

This morning I received a text that included a Bible verse about focus. The text was not surprising because the person sends them weekly. Think of them as weekly encouragement messages. (Shout out to Dan!) Today's note referenced 1 Samuel 30: 1-8. It said: "David's prompt to encourage himself in the Lord was provoked by… Continue reading Feed Your Focus

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Uncommon Things, Hidden in Plain Sight.

Very few sermons stick with me for days after I've heard them, especially when I wasn't physically in the same space as the individual(s) presenting the message. Every now and again, I'll join an online service. Recently, I watched "I Am Number 8," delivered by Pastor John Gray at The Potter's House (Dallas). If you… Continue reading Uncommon Things, Hidden in Plain Sight.

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Embrace the JOurneY

"Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won't have a title until much later." - Unknown (...or Pinterest) There is so much beauty in the journey. So Much! My future autobiography will be fascinating! In recent months, I've had amazing conversations with close friends and family. Reflecting, I discovered that I have a… Continue reading Embrace the JOurneY

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Above All Else, Guard Your Heart

Sometimes the route to reaching our potential is embedded in doubt. Hidden among the deceptive words and phrases that we use to exploit our skills and talents, fear exists. Fear feeds doubt so much that our ever-present inner voices morph into ones we don’t recognize. Often misinterpreted as the perceptions of others, the discouraging voices… Continue reading Above All Else, Guard Your Heart

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Passion for Planning

New planner. 'Who dis?' There's something special about a new planner and goal-setting! For me, the toughest part is signing my name. This morning, I put pen to paper at least ten times before I committed to how I wrote my name. It was a stressful few minutes! Ha! However, it's done and I can officially… Continue reading Passion for Planning

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“The Lord prepares you before He uses you.”

Today is a great day! Matter of fact, this week has been an awesome week! I am so blessed to be alive and have the basics, a roof over my head, clothes on my back, and food on my table. I am grateful. There have been moments of frustration, but those are trivial when I… Continue reading “The Lord prepares you before He uses you.”


There’s Hope

"There's Hope" by India.Arie is one of my favorite songs! It spreads positivity, joy, and hope. Even when I don't feel like it, I find myself singing along. Her music is simply soulful. Take a moment. Click on the video below and watch the video. The lyrics are posted below for an easy sing-along. Have a wonderful… Continue reading There’s Hope