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One Little Word® | 2018

This morning, I write. Fully caffeinated, joy-filled and blessed, I write. A foiled calendar hangs on the wall near my reading nook and I realize that today is January 19th. I've been pondering my word for a whole nineteen days! On second thought, I've pondered what to share regarding my word choice. At the close… Continue reading One Little Word® | 2018

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Three is the magic number for today! The Hazel Gennie is three years old! Although the name was a childhood creation, I didn't put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard) until three years ago in the form of a blog. Since 2013, things have shifted and aligned with great adventures! I appreciate each of you… Continue reading Celebrate!

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Trust In You This song warms my heart and gives me strength in times that I don't understand. When I am frustrated... When I am trying so hard to be 'unbothered'... It also leads me to happy and grateful tears when I think of the goodness of God. (...and allllll He's done for me...) I hope that… Continue reading Trust In You

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One Little Word® | Speak

This time last year, I chose to participate in the One Little Word Challenge because of a post on Instagram. Quickly, I scrambled to find the right word for 2015. For some reason, I chose 'valiant'. No thought was put into selecting the word, yet I somehow handled numerous 2015 moments courageously. 'Valiant' was tucked… Continue reading One Little Word® | Speak

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That’s the Story I’ll Tell

So many weeks have passed since my last #WorshipWednesday posting. Charge it to my head and not my heart. I definitely keep a song in my heart and a verse or two in the back of my mind. I catch myself humming or quietly singing as I move throughout the workday. Thank God for the… Continue reading That’s the Story I’ll Tell

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Bright Spots

The Hazel Gennie celebrates two years! This is the bright spot of my busy Monday! I am so very thankful for each you that visits this site. Your feedback is ever encouraging and your willingness to share a post or snap your fingers in agreement with something I've said, means a lot. I am happy… Continue reading Bright Spots

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Grateful for…Enough

November 30, 2013...I am grateful for "enough". Rather than create a list of 30 things, I will simply repeat that I am grateful for "enough". The poem below is a reminder that we have what we need and not an ounce more. Enough sun to keep our attitudes bright and enough rain to appreciate the… Continue reading Grateful for…Enough

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Black Friday…from the couch

November 29, 2013 I am grateful for a non-materialistic view. The older I get, the more I cherish time verses things. While crazy shoppers are fighting over Black Friday items, I am home enjoying time with my family. Don't misunderstand though. I love shopping. However, I love peaceful shopping, if ever there was such a… Continue reading Black Friday…from the couch