Not Bad for a Girl with No Creativity

This week alone, God has opened so many doors. Many of which, I still cannot see. However, like the old song says, "Jesus will!" I am so grateful for those that pour into me and speak life over me. I am thankful for the new relationships established within the last month that, for lack of …


Purpose Over Pettiness (Ralph, You Don’t Know Me)

I often read for moments of inspiration. Clicking on the site is similar to me saying a quick prayer and reading a verse of the Bible based on the page that my finger lands on. In my mind, I am meant to hear the message. Today, Ralph Marston stepped all on my soon-to-be pedicured …

Bruised but not Broken

I appreciate Sheryl Underwood so much for choosing to reveal this secret on The Talk. She elegantly stated what is often hard to say about growing through negativity and criticism from others. I hope that this television moment goes viral, because more and more women need to see it and hear the message. God Bless! K. Jones ♥