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When the Mood Strikes

A full to-do list greets me this morning, but I feel like writing. The day ahead is filled with wonder and amazement. I am hopeful to continue self-reflection and goal setting as I look at the year ahead. My futuristic 'what if' senses are tingling and excitement is in my bones.  Why? I honestly have… Continue reading When the Mood Strikes

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Feelin’ Good

Hello! Today is an awesome day! I continue to celebrate 100 sales on Etsy! (Check out my shop!) The only tune that can express my joy is "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone! 🙂 Take a moment to listen! I hope that you find ways to connect with the little things that keep you feeling good!… Continue reading Feelin’ Good


Creole Cowboy Casserole

I'm really bad at cooking. Correction. I can cook, but I'm really bad at making myself cook rather than spending money at various restaurants. This weekend's goal was to spend $0. So far, so good. Having that goal forces me to utilize what is in my kitchen to get creative. I stumbled upon a Pinterest… Continue reading Creole Cowboy Casserole

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Good morning you beautiful people! Today is a "write through it" type of day. I woke up feeling really homesick. It seems to be out of the blue, but I've been working and traveling so much that this weekend has become the first of many moments that I've had to myself. When things get quiet,… Continue reading Grateful

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Feed Your Focus

This morning I received a text that included a Bible verse about focus. The text was not surprising because the person sends them weekly. Think of them as weekly encouragement messages. (Shout out to Dan!) Today's note referenced 1 Samuel 30: 1-8. It said: "David's prompt to encourage himself in the Lord was provoked by… Continue reading Feed Your Focus



A reminder text alert woke me at the wee hours of the morning (11 AM). I jumped up, panicked. I hopped in the shower, quickly washed my hair, and hurriedly got dressed. My heart rate was elevated as I tried to figure out how I slept until 11 AM. How long would I have slept… Continue reading Seriously?!

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Uncommon Things, Hidden in Plain Sight.

Very few sermons stick with me for days after I've heard them, especially when I wasn't physically in the same space as the individual(s) presenting the message. Every now and again, I'll join an online service. Recently, I watched "I Am Number 8," delivered by Pastor John Gray at The Potter's House (Dallas). If you… Continue reading Uncommon Things, Hidden in Plain Sight.

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Blessings Keep Falling In My Lap

*Chance the Rapper voice* Don't be maaaaad! I love this song! It always reminds me of Psalm 23. The elaborately prepared table of blessings... It may be in the presence of my enemies, but my 'dinner guests' are necessary. Compelled to look on, they are amazed to see how God provides. #WhenThePraisesGoUp #BlessingsKeepFallingInMyLap #BlessingsOverWorldlyPossessions Enjoy… Continue reading Blessings Keep Falling In My Lap


And so it begins…

"There's no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this." Recent work weeks have been tiring but rewarding. I am so blessed to work with team members who not only fill in the gaps of my shortcomings, but those who express their insane levels of creativity to make projects fun and unique.… Continue reading And so it begins…

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Embrace the JOurneY

"Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won't have a title until much later." - Unknown (...or Pinterest) There is so much beauty in the journey. So Much! My future autobiography will be fascinating! In recent months, I've had amazing conversations with close friends and family. Reflecting, I discovered that I have a… Continue reading Embrace the JOurneY