A reminder text alert woke me at the wee hours of the morning (11 AM). I jumped up, panicked. I hopped in the shower, quickly washed my hair, and hurriedly got dressed. My heart rate was elevated as I tried to figure out how I slept until 11 AM. How long would I have slept… Continue reading Seriously?!

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Uncommon Things, Hidden in Plain Sight.

Very few sermons stick with me for days after I've heard them, especially when I wasn't physically in the same space as the individual(s) presenting the message. Every now and again, I'll join an online service. Recently, I watched "I Am Number 8," delivered by Pastor John Gray at The Potter's House (Dallas). If you… Continue reading Uncommon Things, Hidden in Plain Sight.

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Blessings Keep Falling In My Lap

*Chance the Rapper voice* Don't be maaaaad! I love this song! It always reminds me of Psalm 23. The elaborately prepared table of blessings... It may be in the presence of my enemies, but my 'dinner guests' are necessary. Compelled to look on, they are amazed to see how God provides. #WhenThePraisesGoUp #BlessingsKeepFallingInMyLap #BlessingsOverWorldlyPossessions Enjoy… Continue reading Blessings Keep Falling In My Lap


And so it begins…

"There's no time to be bored in a world as beautiful as this." Recent work weeks have been tiring but rewarding. I am so blessed to work with team members who not only fill in the gaps of my shortcomings, but those who express their insane levels of creativity to make projects fun and unique.… Continue reading And so it begins…

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Embrace the JOurneY

"Embrace uncertainty. Some of the most beautiful chapters in our lives won't have a title until much later." - Unknown (...or Pinterest) There is so much beauty in the journey. So Much! My future autobiography will be fascinating! In recent months, I've had amazing conversations with close friends and family. Reflecting, I discovered that I have a… Continue reading Embrace the JOurneY


Snap Your Fingers!

Hello and happy Saturday! Today has been awesome! I didn't realize how much I longed for a day without scheduled events until this morning! I've been able to begin and continue laundry, clean up a few dishes, and reorganize keys area of my home. Yes, today is a great day! Today's post highlights a group… Continue reading Snap Your Fingers!

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Weekend Adventures

This weekend was the definition of quality time! I wouldn't change a thing about it! They say it takes a village when raising children. I can attest to that, because I am the product of such village. I am so blessed to have been raised by my village! The youngest of 8 children, I often count… Continue reading Weekend Adventures

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Above All Else, Guard Your Heart

Sometimes the route to reaching our potential is embedded in doubt. Hidden among the deceptive words and phrases that we use to exploit our skills and talents, fear exists. Fear feeds doubt so much that our ever-present inner voices morph into ones we don’t recognize. Often misinterpreted as the perceptions of others, the discouraging voices… Continue reading Above All Else, Guard Your Heart


Recipe: Frittata

I LOOOVE cooking in a cast iron skillet! You know, the heavy skillets that sit on top of a grandmother's stove right after she put her foot in a Sunday dinner. The kind that have you sneaking back to the oven to sample crumbs of homemade cornbread. These divine must-haves are a bigger staple to… Continue reading Recipe: Frittata