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Repetitive but Relevant

Do you ever find yourself saying the same thing over and over? Even if it's throughout the day, I often catch myself saying "Thank you, Jesus" as I walk throughout my home or office. It may be repetitive but it sure is relevant. I wake up excited about all of the things that are possible. The… Continue reading Repetitive but Relevant

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Not Bad for a Girl with No Creativity

This week alone, God has opened so many doors. Many of which, I still cannot see. However, like the old song says, "Jesus will!" I am so grateful for those that pour into me and speak life over me. I am thankful for the new relationships established within the last month that, for lack of… Continue reading Not Bad for a Girl with No Creativity

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Cheers! To Our Beautiful Energy

Last weekend, I traveled to Memphis for a beautiful wedding! It was a quick road trip filled with laughter and joy! When I returned to Baton Rouge, I couldn't wait to tell others about the festivities. The bride, my dear sorority sister, was gorgeous!! Her loving husband cried throughout the ceremony. The bridal party looked… Continue reading Cheers! To Our Beautiful Energy

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woke up…loving me

"Give me today my daily bread Help me to walk alone ahead Though I walk through the darkest valley I will fear no love Oh my smile my mind reassure me I don't need no one Woke up this morning with my mind set on loving me With my mind set on loving me Woke… Continue reading woke up…loving me

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Flowing From My Heart…

Gratitude comes in many forms. I am amazed at the infinite reminders that exist to prompt my heart to say 'thank you, Lord'. These instances stop me in my tracks, providing 'aha moments' of appreciation, realizing that He didn't have to do it, but He did. Understanding that I am blessed beyond measure, even when I… Continue reading Flowing From My Heart…

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One Little Word® | 2018

This morning, I write. Fully caffeinated, joy-filled and blessed, I write. A foiled calendar hangs on the wall near my reading nook and I realize that today is January 19th. I've been pondering my word for a whole nineteen days! On second thought, I've pondered what to share regarding my word choice. At the close… Continue reading One Little Word® | 2018

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When the Mood Strikes

A full to-do list greets me this morning, but I feel like writing. The day ahead is filled with wonder and amazement. I am hopeful to continue self-reflection and goal setting as I look at the year ahead. My futuristic 'what if' senses are tingling and excitement is in my bones.  Why? I honestly have… Continue reading When the Mood Strikes

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Feelin’ Good

Hello! Today is an awesome day! I continue to celebrate 100 sales on Etsy! (Check out my shop!) The only tune that can express my joy is "Feeling Good" by Nina Simone! 🙂 Take a moment to listen! I hope that you find ways to connect with the little things that keep you feeling good!… Continue reading Feelin’ Good


Creole Cowboy Casserole

I'm really bad at cooking. Correction. I can cook, but I'm really bad at making myself cook rather than spending money at various restaurants. This weekend's goal was to spend $0. So far, so good. Having that goal forces me to utilize what is in my kitchen to get creative. I stumbled upon a Pinterest… Continue reading Creole Cowboy Casserole

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Good morning you beautiful people! Today is a "write through it" type of day. I woke up feeling really homesick. It seems to be out of the blue, but I've been working and traveling so much that this weekend has become the first of many moments that I've had to myself. When things get quiet,… Continue reading Grateful