“Dream big. Start small. But most of all… start.” Simon Sinek

I am an Etsy shop owner! Since childhood, I dreamed of working in a gift shop. Cheesy, I know. Even in high school, I sought out small town summer jobs at local gift shops. Unfortunately, they were the most popular among the creative spirits. And, to be honest, you needed a solid family connection for anyone to even entertain the possibility of a newbie joining the team.

Even before establishing a blog, I noted in my journal that I desired to put my creativity on display by one day owning a gift shop. In 2014, I launched my Etsy shop. Without much of a plan, I added two paintings and that was my only inventory. Yeah, that was it. Of course, that attempt didn’t last long because I soon realized that an online business is in fact a business. It takes care and attention. So, after a month or so, I closed the shop but continued to brainstorm.

Fast forward to today, and I can now say that I am a small business owner! I am so excited! Investing my time, talents, and creativity energizes me each and every day. While in the beginning stages of take two, I am proud of this journey and I welcome your support. Whether you shop or simply share my site, you help me make my dreams come true! Today, I am crafting handmade foil prints. Tomorrow, who knows? The shop is a work in progress and I cannot wait to see how my dreams unfold.

#TheHazelGennie is the official hashtag.

So, a quick story before you go…

A few weeks ago, a random encounter at the Post Office led me to an Aha Moment. As I mailed a few of my first orders, the postal worker noticed and asked where I purchased the items that I was mailing. It was the perfect time to practice my elevator speech. My response was that I owned a little shop that focused on spreading joy to others. Her response? “Little? That’s not little at all. That is needed! Blessings upon your business.” I could’ve fainted where I stood. It was as if that message was waiting on me to receive it. Because clearly, as I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I don’t take note of subtle signs. I thanked her for the kind words and readjusted my focus. It is not a little shop. It is something that I’ve talked about doing forever, so I know I am committed to it and that it has value. I only needed to stop thinking and/or talking about it and make moves. I had to take action!

I am so proud of me! I love the fact that I can spread joy by helping customers in their gift-giving efforts. I hope that you will continue to visit The Hazel Gennie (\ˈjē-nē\) and help me spread joy to others!

K. Jones ♥

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